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recipe_for_romance Recipe for Romance
Love is cooking in Carolina`s kitchen, and it`s wonderfully delicious! Carolina, a passionate cook who is waiting for Mr. Right. In the meantime, she pours her heart and soul into her catering company. But between a booming business, an active fantasy life, and an array of excuses, Carolina becomes consumed with work and disregards the very real affections of her catering assistant, Aaron. After unsuccessful attempts at winning her heart, Aaron decides to look for love elsewhere and Carolina soon realizes that Mr. Right may have been right in front of her eyes all along. But is it too late?
a_little_part_of_me A Little Part of Me
After losing the love of her life, Linda finds herself in need of a new inspiration. Thankfully, her close friends have the “perfect” solution as it just so happens that Linda’s lost love was an organ donor. In an effort to find closure, she seeks out each of the organs` recipients to see the impact that “he” had on their lives. Will Linda find what she is looking for?
torn_dvd Torn
Drew finds himself at a crossroads in his life. His long-term marriage has lost intimacy, connection and spark. Sex has been replaced by friendship. Spontaneity has been replaced by responsibility. Love has been taken over by life. Then one day Mimi, a young art student, enters his life. The attraction is immediate. Consumed with guilt at the thought of another woman, he recommits himself to his marriage. However, the connection proves too strong for them both and they slowly delve into an illicit affair. Between facing society’s judgment and hurting someone whom he has spent so much of his life with, he finds himself torn.
office_romance An Office Romance
Sometimes 9 to 5 can be the most erotic part of the day. Janet craves the touch of the man at the desk across from hers, but as she daydreams about the sensual caress of Mark, he is transferred to a different office. If only Janet knew the mysterious circumstances that brought Mark to her department; or the secret love affair that her bosses Max and Wendy carry on; or the heartache that tortures her friend Steve as he works so closely with Melissa, but never close enough. Will the longing and lust surrounding Janet finally inspire her to act on her desires.
submission_of_emma_marx Submission of Emma Marx
Emma is a beautiful, confident, well-adjusted woman. Unfortunately when it comes to love and romance, she has found her previous relationships to be mundane. Suddenly, that is all changed by a chance encounter with a handsome and mysterious man. He introduces her to a world she had only dared to fantasize of – a world of erotic sex, role-play and BDSM. She questions how a man can so easily strip away her inhibitions and replace them with lust and desire. Her journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening, however, may come with a price. What happens when the greatest love you’ve ever known forces you to face your greatest obstacle....yourself?

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