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menopause_in_an_hour Menopause In An Hour: With Tara Allmen, MD
This is the first product of its kind: two informative DVDs and a Guidebook that work together giving all women access to a specialist. It offers medically sound, up-to-date information & advice, Dr. Allmen suggests simple lifestyle modifications that can make a big difference in helping women reduce or eliminate menopausal symptoms. Disc two: What’s Up With You-Know-Who? is a specially developed program for the partner, friends and family of the woman experiencing menopause. The DVD was designed to help them understand and gain perspective on what the woman is going through and what they can do to help minimize the effects. Also, included is a 48-page Guidebook that covers such important subjects as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, sexual interest, weight gain, mood changes, cognitive issues and much more. Disc 1: 60min & Disc 2: 33min
managing_menopause_naturally Managing Menopause Naturally
The program explores and details the physical and psychological symptoms women experience as they approach this amazing transition in life. Every woman goes through menopause, but no two have the same experience. The options differ for each, and the choices must vary as well. This unique documentary focuses on holistic alternatives without ignoring the current established medical treatments a woman might choose. What can one expect from peri-menopause, premenopause, menopause and post-menopause? What are common symptoms? Is Hormone Replacement Therapy the only viable option? When should a woman start preparing for the later years of her life? Just what are her choices? 80min
becoming_orgasmic_dvd Becoming Orgasmic DVD
This remarkably powerful video uses detailed demonstrations to help women learn to achieve orgasm. This program is shared between the woman in the video, her partner, and you. The viewer is also invited to watch as she successfully tests the effectiveness of the program through explicitly portrayed exercises. About women but aimed directly at both partners, this video guides women into an appreciation of their own sexuality, while showing how male partners can offer assistance and support in reaching orgasm. Runtime: 83 minutes.
orgasmic_women_dvd Orgasmic Women- Sexual Satisfaction DVD
Demystify female self-pleasuring with a group of thirteen women who tell their most intimate secrets. Learn how to touch and bring a woman to new heights of sexual ecstasy. Explore intimacy through this spirited sharing of erotic practices and techniques. Join artist, author, sexologist, and masturbation revolutionary Betty Dodson in promoting women’s sexual pleasure. Discover basic and advanced skills that will improve the orgasmic experience for you and your lover. Features On-screen Sex Encyclopedia, Full Length Bonus Scene, Free Bonus DVD: Betty Dodson: Her Life of Sex and Art.
pregnancy_dvd Your Sensual Pregnancy: Sexy, Connected & Loving It!
Sex during pregnancy can be surprising, challenging, exciting, and erotic all at the same time. This film teaches couples how to take full advantage of pregnancy's new feelings and sensations and how to use this special time to get closer. Esteemed doctors, Lori Bucky, Psy. D. & Bonnie Sacks, MD provide information regarding changes occurring in a woman's body, while a lively discussion group shares their own fascinating experiences. Also covers: precautions, dispelling myths, marital aids, exercises, sensual massage and getting sensually reacquainted post pregnancy. Bonus feature: Kegel exercises. NON-EXPLICIT ...Run Time: 60min
making_love_last_dvd Art of Making Love Last 2 Disc Dvd Set
Learn to strengthen your relationship and achieve deeply satisfying intimacy with your partner. This program shows couples how to achieve effective sexual communication. Learn valuable techniques to recognize roadblocks in your marriage and how to rekindle romance and discover deeply satisfying intimacy. Experts and real couples share tips, advise and practical exercises to help you achieve a more meaningful and fulfilling love life – and most importantly – a deeper connection with the one you love. 2 Disc Set( Vol. 1: Increasing Intimacy & Desire & Vol. 2: Dr. Zonnya’s 8 Steps To Better Communication)
how_to_please_your_partner_vol_1 Turn-Ons! Vol. 1. Sex Play Top to Bottom
Taste, touch, sound, and smell plus a little creativity is all it takes to uncover your hidden erotic resources, and heighten your sexual appetite. Section I -Sex Play: Top to Bottom -explore a variety of different pleasurable techniques designed to deepen your level of intimacy. A sure turn-on for both partners from head to toe! Section II -23 Creative Sexual Positions: make your intimate encounters even more intoxicating. Expand your sexual vocabulary and repertoire, and try a few new moves. Sinclair Institute, 2009. Approx. 70 minutes
how_to_please_your_partner_volume_2 Turn-Ons! Vol. 2. New Pleasure Zones & Creative Role play
Watch and Learn. Section I-Discovering New Pleasure Zones: break out of old routines, learn exciting new techniques, and expand your repertoire. Ignite your passion and discover erogenous zones you never knew you had! Section II -Creative Role Play: Expanding Your Sexual Boundaries -Fantasies allow us to explore, become adventurous and have fun withy our lover during creative role-play. Explore the perfect ins and outs of sexual fantasy! Sinclair Institute, 2009. Approx. 65 minutes
joy_of_erotic_massage_dvd Joy of Erotic Massage DVD
Erotic massage can arouse the senses and helps you to stay connected with your lover. This DVD features loving couples explicitly demonstrating not just basic techniques of erotic massage but advanced methods of stimulation that are arousing and satisfying. Detailed narration will guide you step by step, as well as providing helpful and fun tips as you explore your partner from head to toe. Hosted by Louise-Andree Saulnier, Ph.D. and TV Host. Approx. 60 minutes
sexual_imagination_dvd Sexual Imagination: 8 Ways to Spice It Up!
Everyone needs some new ideas now and again to help spice things up with their partner. This informative instructional DVD will help you �re-engage� your sensual and sexual imagination. Watch loving couples as they get to know eachother again. Try new toys, experiment with new positions, incorporate erotic massage, get out of the bedroom and explore G-spot pleasures and discover techniques to expand your anal, oral and sensory play. Sinclair Institute, Approx. 60 min.
expanding_sexual_boundries Expanding Sexual Boundaries DVD
These three exciting programs show the incredible pleasure that waits when you cast aside restricting inhibitions to experience new turn-ons! From imaginative oral sex techniques, positions that sizzle, proven techniques for intense G-spot stimulation, toys to maximize male and female sexual sensations, these program will help you reach the ultimate level of arousal, pleasure and satisfaction, as well as strengthening the bond with your lover. Sinclair Institute, Approx. 90 min.
great_sex_for_a_lifetime Great Sex for a Lifetime Volume 1 & 2 DVD Set
This set includes over 2 hours of couples explicitly demonstrating new oral techniques, tips on sex play, finding and stimulating her G-Spot, anal play, new sex toys, ideas to rekindle the romance, art of the quickie and much more. Although the focus is for couples over forty, fifty and beyond, this DVD set is ideal for couples of any age looking to improve their sexual relationship, intimacy and communication. Special features include: sexual health information, behind the scenes and bonus shorts films discussing lubricants, addressing erectile dysfunction and menopause. Sinclair Institute. 2008
tantric_sex_dvd Tantric Guide to Better Sex DVD
Ancient philosophers believed sexual energy was one of the greatest forces of humankind. In just 60 minutes, you will learn to harness this sexual energy to increase your lovemaking potential. Attractive couples demonstrate the techniques that take orgasm out of the genitals and into the five senses for a long-lasting, full-body experience. Breathing, massage, and romantic ambiance enhance pleasure. Movement, erotic positions, and relaxation expand sexual awareness. You will learn to prolong orgasm, finally merging with your partner in a state of sexual ecstasy.
stronger_erections A Man's Guide to Stronger Erections
Learn the causes of erectile difficulty and explore the latest diagnostic procedures as presented by healthcare professionals. In just 60 minutes, you will see explicit demonstrations of treatment options that help restore your sexual pleasure: sex therapy, oral medications, vacuum pumps, injection therapy, surgical implants, and much more.
g_spot_dvd Maximizing G-Spot Pleasures DVD
This informative program will expand your sexual potential through G-spot pleasures. Three loving couples will explicitly demonstrate techniques to locate the G-spot, positions and numerous toys to enhance arousal, as well as dramatic demonstrations of G-spot orgasms and fluid expulsion. Introduction by Dr. Lori Buckley. Sinclair Institute. Approx. 45min
kama_sutra_dvd_and_music Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra DVD & Music CD Set
Watch real couples explicitly demonstrate sexual positions described in the original Kama Sutra. Positions demonstrated in beautifully decorated movie sets include "pair of tongs, splitting of the bamboo, congress of the cow," and much more. Noted Indian Sexologist and Kama Sutra authority, Prof. Prakash Kothari, M.D., Ph.D., adds commentary to this enlightening journey of sexual and spiritual exploration. Included with this DVD set is a CD of the original music score from the video. Winner of a 2005 Telly Award. Bonus Features: behind the scenes, sexual health information and bonus short film. DVD Approx. 60 minutes & Music CD approx. 60 minutes
best_of_better_sex_collection Best of the Better Sex Collection
Looking for inspiration in the bedroom? Expand your lovemaking repertoire and take your sex life to new heights! This collection highlights 39 of Sinclair Institute’s most inspiring scenes. Watch attractive, real-life couples explicitly guide you through creative new lovemaking techniques, and inventive positions to take your love life from ordinary to extraordinary. Discover how to use sensual toys, role play and erotic Kama Sutra secrets to keep your sex life fresh and fun. Learn how oral pleasures and G spot stimulation can add exciting variety for you and your partner -- Start your journey to a great sex life today! Approx. 82 minutes

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