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sex_bible_for_mature_couples Sex Bible For People Over 50
Sex post-50 can be the best ever but it requires a different skill-set... more communication, longer foreplay, different positions, sexual toys and aids to stay pleasurable and exciting. It also needs to accommodate the myriad of physical, emotional, and social changes that happen in late middle-age. Author Dr. Laurie Betito gives readers techniques for reconnecting with their partners, bringing experimentation in long-term sexual relationships, and tips on how to handle sex and dating. Also addressed are common physical and sexual issues that mature couples may encounter and provides tips and solutions that are fun and exciting. 160pp., Hardcover
becoming_orgasmic_book Becoming Orgasmic Book- Revised & Expanded
Becoming Orgasmic provides a program designed to help you feel comfortable with yourself, your ideas about sex and enable you to grow as a person. This program will help you to: evaluate your sexual history and put it in perspective, explore your body through touch, find techniques to try if something turns you off, overcome the fear of orgasm, learn how to bring yourself to orgasm and so much more! This book is often recommended with the use of the Original Magic Wand. Softcover, 288pp. See our Book Bundles & Kits section.
sex_smart_book SexSmart: How Your Childhood Shaped Your Sexual Life and What to Do with It
Whether your problem is lack of desire, difficulty with sexual functioning, sexual pain, sexual addiction, anxiety, sexual inhibition, or fear of sexuality altogether, your life growing up as a child in your family may be partly to blame. This clear account of the factors that shape and influence our sexual selves. With great skill and warmth, she weaves a tapestry of complex non-sexual events in our past that determine the ways in which we relate sexually. Complemented by rich clinical vignettes, her book will be welcomed by those wishing to understand the nuances and mysteries that contribute to our sexual being. Softcover, 278pp
reclaiming_sexual_self_book Reclaiming Your Sexual Self: How You Can Bring Desire Back Into Your Life
At last, a drug-free, holistic program to restore sexual passion and desire Lack of sexual desire in women does not necessarily indicate a hormonal problem but more often may mean that something is out of balance in our lives. Dr. Hall reveals how to discover the source of lack of sexual interest and take charge of your health. Through a series of illuminating exercises and wise, warm advice, you'll discover: why it's okay to want sex-and enjoy it, ways to improve communication, right circumstances to spark your sexual interest and when to consult a professional. Softcover, 228pp
male_sexuality_book The New Male Sexuality, Revised Edition
Clear, comprehensive, witty, and refreshingly realistic. This landmark resource contains information and solutions about men, sex and pleasure. Bernie Zilbergeld Ph.D. draws upon years of experience as a sex therapist to address the most urgent questions men have, separating hype from reality, and showing how real sex can be better than fantasies. Topics include: what women really want, how to increase desire and arousal for both you and your partner, pharmaceuticals, and so much more! Softcover, 415pp.
multiorgasmic_couple_book Multi-Orgasmic Couple Book
Lovemaking in which both partners are multi-orgasmic enhances a deeply satisfying and profoundly intimate love life. This book will instruct couples how to achieve multiple orgasms and more in this groundbreaking manual. Discover a wealth of information on powerful lovemaking, including techniques for cultivating sexual energy, oral sex, positions, masturbation and sexual synchronization with your partner. Softcover, 272 pp.
multiorgasmic_man_book Multi-Orgasmic Man Book
This excellent manual, which blends Eastern and Western philosophies, explicitly details how men can learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and contains thorough information on body image, women's pleasure, beneficial intercourse positions, and the full spectrum of male sexual responses. Authors: Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava. Softcover, 228 pp.
multiorgasmic_woman_book Multi-Orgasmic Woman Book
This book focuses on expanding the sexual potential of women. By practicing the exercises for breathing, mediation, and massage, you may intensify your orgasms and cultivate sexual energy for increased vitality in the rest of your life. The advice on sexual health, sexuality through menopause, and female ejaculation make this a great general guide to female sexuality, along with the suggestions on exploring fantasy and using sex toys. Softcover, 304 pp.
ultimate_guide_to_orgasm Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women
Everything you need to understand women's orgasms-what works, what doesn't and why. The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women is a forthright and comprehensive exploration of female sexuality. Normalizing all women's experiences, Mikaya Heart provides the information, permission and support women need to enhance their own fulfillment. Softcover, 272pp.
lesbian_sex_bible Lesbian Sex Bible:New Guide to Sexual Love for Same-Sex Couples
This inclusive look at lesbian sexuality encourages women to talk freely about sex, to deepen and expand their sexual knowledge, and it empowers women of all sexual identities to have the hottest sex possible. Filled with explicit techniques and tips for the hottest sex imaginable, each chapter focuses on individual elements of lesbian sex while also providing frank advice about lesbian dating and relationships, gender, identity, and sexual culture. 192pp., Hardcover
slow_sex_book Slow Sex
This step-by-step guide teaches men and women how to use the growing practice of Orgasmic Meditation to slow down, connect emotionally, and achieve authentic sexual satisfaction. This book includes a ten-day OM starter program, as well as OMing secrets and exercises for an extended and satisfying female orgasm. Also included are exercises to help enhance reader's "regular" sex lives, such as Slow Oral for Her, Slow Oral for Him and Slow Sex Intercourse. Softcover, 241pp
womans_anatomy_of_arousal Women's Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure
Join celebrated sexuality teacher Sheri Winston as she integrates ancient wisdom, lost knowledge and modern sexuality information in a sexy, fun, empowering guidebook that illuminates every woman's secret paths to fabulous, orgasmically abundant sex. Whether you're a woman or a man who loves women, this book is for you! Softcover, 266pp
rhythms_of_womens_desire Rhythms of Women’s Desire
How Female Sexuality Unfolds at Every Stage of Life….Author Elizabeth Davis' focus on sexual changes over time is what makes this book unique; she gives insight into what is natural at each sexual stage and how it all fits together in the context of a lifetime. From first menstruation, childbirth, menopause, post-menopause sexuality as transformative, biological turning points and gives the reader a view of what these events have in common hormonally and psychologically. Includes updated sections. Softcover, 252pp.
sex_for_one Sex for One- The Joy of Selfloving
Confronting one of our last and most deeply rooted taboos - masturbation, noted sex expert Betty Dodson, Ph.D. takes the shame out of selflove by creating a straightforward and appealing guidebook that reveals masturbation as a satisfying, vital form of sexual expression. Revised, updated and includes new material. Softcover, 191pp
private_pain Private Pain- It's About Life, not just Sex..
Vaginismus and dyspareunia are common female conditions, affecting lives on many levels and causing physical pain, emotional anguish, and the sense of failure and sexual inadequacy. The shame that is associated with the inability to have vaginal penetrations often forces women into hiding behind a veil of silence. This book, which includes extensive explanations, real-life stories, and treatment options, will be of great value to sufferers, partners, family members and healthcare professionals who will now be able to better understand the nature and management of these conditions. Softcover, 299pp
healing_sex Healing Sex
Healing sex is the encouraging, sex-positive guide for all women survivors of sexual assault— heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, coupled, and single— who want to delight in their own sexuality. While most books on the topic broach sexuality to reassure women that it's all right to say "no" to unwanted sex, Healing Sex encourages women to learn how to say "yes"— to their own desires and on their own terms. This mind-body approach to healing from sexual trauma was created by Staci Haines, who has been educating in the area of sexual abuse, sex education, and somatic healing for over 15 years. Her techniques are ideal for anyone looking for a new way to heal from trauma, beyond traditional talk therapy. Softcover, 266pp
when_sex_hurts_book When Sex Hurts: A Woman's Guide to Banishing Sexual Pain
For the 20 million women who suffer from painful intercourse: this is the first book to address the multiple causes and available treatments. This book will cover more than 20 causes of sexual pain, how to choose the right doctor, how to interpret your doctor's lingo, valuable tips for understanding sexual pain and what can be done about it and how to rebuild sexual intimacy once the pain is gone. Authors: Andrew Goldstein, MD, Caroline Pukall, PhD, Irwin Goldstein, MD. Softcover, 250pp
the_v_book The V Book
This book will cover just about everything a woman needs to know about the basics of vulvovaginal "V" health. You'll find in-depth anatomy pictures and descriptions, how the vulva and vagina may change over a woman's lifetime, ways to keep the vulva and vagina healthy and in balance, what to do when problems occur, and a resource section. Dr. Elizabeth Stewart presents the information in a comprehensive easy-to-read format. Softcover, 455 pp.
healing_painful_sex_book Healing Painful Sex
Millions of women suffer from sexual and pelvic pain, yet it is frequently misdiagnosed—or not diagnosed at all. Deborah Coady, MD and Nancy Fish use their combined professional expertise as a doctor and therapist who specialize in sexual pain to provide readers with an understanding of its many causes and how to treat them, from both a physical and psychological standpoint. Organized into three parts—naming the problem, getting a diagnosis, and overcoming pain. Includes medical checklists, illustrations, treatment options, and guidance for moving forward after healing. Comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and deeply insightful,this book offers women the tools to successfully take on the many challenges of sexual pain and move toward a healthy, happy future. Softcover, 400pp
womans_guide_to_urinary_incontinence A Woman's Guide to Urinary Incontinence
Urinary incontinence can have a severe negative impact on one's quality of life, and successful treatment, while possible, is complex. Cowritten by a gynecologist and a urologist who have helped thousands of frustrated women, this new guide gives patients the information they need to understand their condition and make the right treatment decisions. Learn how nerves, muscles, and other anatomical factors work in concert to control the bladder and how they can be affected by pregnancy, menopause, and aging. Learn the common and uncommon causes of urinary incontinence, how the condition is evaluated and diagnosed, and how it can be treated, and what to do if a particular treatment fails. The knowledge provided here gives the woman with urinary incontinence the power to choose treatments that meet her specific needs and preferences. Authors: Rene Genadry, M.D., and Jacek L. Mostwin, M.D., D.Phil. 200pp, softcover
woman_cancer_sex Woman Cancer Sex
Sexuality after a diagnosis of cancer is a real issue for women and their partners. In this book, Dr. Anne Katz explains the changes that many women experience, and offers practical and compassionate advice. Each chapter describes the experience of a woman with a particular kind of cancer and a variety of related problems, including loss of libido, physical pain, and struggles communicating with a partner. Though Dr. Katz draws most of the cases from heterosexual couples, she devotes a chapter to the unique issues facing lesbians with cancer and addresses heterosexism as encountered in the healthcare system. Dr. Katz tackles this sensitive topic in several ways�detailing the physical aspect of sexuality; highlighting different emotions experienced, and presenting strategies women can use in their daily life. Also included is specific information for the partner. Softcover, 175pp.
coping_ed Coping with Erectile Dysfunction
ED is often a complex condition affected by physical, psychological, and relationship issues—and is shared by both a man and his partner. This book will address this common problem using a comprehensive biological, psychological, and social approach. It offers an effective program for regaining erectile function, building strong and intimate relationships, and having great sex. With this book: Learn to separate the facts from the myths, which medicines and medical treatments really work, and how to integrate them into your sexual relationship, avoid future sexual problems with an individualized relapse prevention plan and so much more is discussed. Softcover, 184pp
trans_bodies_trans_selves Trans Bodies, Trans Selves
Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a complete resource guide for transgender populations, covering health, legal issues, cultural and social questions, history, theory, and more. It is a place for transgender and gender-questioning people, their partners and families, students, professors, guidance counselors, and others to look for up-to-date information on transgender life. Published 2014, 672pp, softcover
guide_to_getting_it_on_7th_ed Guide to Getting It On 7th Edition
This must-have, easy-to-read, all-around sex guide has fantastic illustrations and candid, accurate information, presented in an enlightening and entertaining manner. This book covers everything from anatomy, romance, positions, oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, masturbation, massage, sex and pregnancy, sex and disability, sex after breast cancer, STI's, recovering your sexuality after rape and abuse, and so so so much more. 1184pp, softcover
our_bodies_ourselves Our Bodies Ourselves revised
For over forty years this book has provided readers with indispensable information on women's health and sexuality. This fully revised and updated edition focuses on women’s reproductive health and sexuality and includes dozens of personal stories and essential, up-to-date information about gender identity, sexual orientation, birth control, abortion, pregnancy and birth, perimenopause, menopause, health issues such as breast and ovarian cancers, and sexuality and sexual health as we age. softcover, 944pp

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