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cocktail_stirrers Naughty Cocktail Stirrers
Stir your cocktail at your next bachelorette party or girls night out with these decorative penis topped stirrers. Each package contains sixteen stirrers in four different colors.
light_up_ice_cube Flashing Ice Cubes Multi-Color 3 pack
These multi-color, waterproof, refreezable square cubes are great for parties. Press the button on the bottom and see the festive glow from the colored lights inside. Use them in your drinks, a pool or hot tub, punch bowl or wherever you want some fun! Great fun at bachelorette parties! 8 color mode and one mode flashes through all the colors. 10-12 hour battery life(note: non-replaceable battery)
naughty_party_plates Naughty Stick Figure Plates
The naughty little stick figures that cover these plates may look cute, but don’t let that fool you. They could be the naughtiest stick figures ever drawn, performing all sorts of crazy acts including riding cowgirl, solos, threesomes, moresomes, gay and lesbian fun and much more. Pair with stick figure napkins for extra fun!
naughty_party_napkins Naughty Stick Figure Napkins
The naughty little stick figures that cover these napkins may look cute, but don’t let that fool you. They could be the naughtiest stick figures ever drawn performing all sorts of crazy acts including riding cowgirl, solos, threesomes, moresomes, gay and lesbian fun and much more. Pair with stick figure plates for extra fun! 8 2-ply napkins
f_bomb_plates F-Bomb Party Plates
Cute? …Without question! …Naughty? Can I get a F*CK YA! These fun plates are perfect for any occasion, they will have your guests giggling out loud! Pair with the F-Bomb napkins for extra fun! 8 7-inch plates
f_bomb_napkins F-Bomb Napkins
Juvenile? …Definitely!...Cute? …Without question! These fun napkins are covered with the ultimate dirty word, reminiscent of you high school doodling days. Perfect for any occasion, they will have your guests giggling out loud. Pair with the F-Bomb plates for extra fun! 8 2-ply napkins
penis_candles Pecker Party Candles
6 cake candles shaped like peckers...approx. 1 1/2 inches high.
naughty_penis_confetti Naughty Confetti Penis Shaped
This penis-shaped metallic confetti will add sparkle to any occasion! Each bag contains 4 colors(pink, red, blue, purple)
willie_name_tags Willie Name Tags
10 assorted size, peel and stick willie-shaped nametags for your next party. Having a Bachelorette party? Get your guests to guess the length of the groom’s Willie and whoever wins gets to pass out the name badges to whomever she chooses.
napkin_trivia_game Bachelorette Napkin Trivia Game
Before you wipe your face with these napkins, try to answer the questions printed inside to see how well you really know the Bride and Groom-To-Be. The winner gets to do the first shot of the evening with the party girl!
bachelorette_invitations Bachelorette Party Risque Invitations 8 pack
Invite guests to your Bachelorette party with these cute invitations with envelopes.
penis_pinata Willy Whack-It Pecker Pinata
Get this cute 16-inch long pecker pinata for your next bachelorette, birthday or girl's night-out party! Fill with condoms, penis candy, penis suckers, dares for everyone to complete, or whatever you want and then whack-it away! Includes face stickers so you can give your pinata the expression you want (pinata and labels only included, stuffing supplies not included). Please note: due the the size of this item, an additional $2.00 shipping fee is charged.
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pecker_pinata Penis Pinata
This fun and festively decorated penis pinata is perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays and ladies night events. Simply fill with your favorite favors, candies and prizes. Ships flat. Measures 15" x 11" packaged in a poly bag with header card.
naughty_penis_tiara Naughty Penis Tiara
A fashionable naughty tiara will make any bachelorette, birthday girl or guest of honor feel like a princess. Packaged in a cute pink box. Makes a great gift!
penis_balloons Naughty Balloons Penis Shaped
These 22" firm penis balloons are the perfect decoration for any Bachelorette or Over The Hill Birthday party.
john_inflatable John The Inflatable Doll
Looking for the perfect man? John won't snore in bed, and never talks back! This life sized doll isn't anatomically correct, but he is still the perfect date. An additional shipping charge of $1.00 is applied to this item.
captain_pecker_inflatable_penis Captain Pecker The Party Wrecker
This 6 foot inflatable party penis is a must for any party! With his weighted base, he can take any abuse and still gets back up. An additonal shipping charge of $1.00 is applied to this item.
bachelorette_picture_it_game Picture It Bachelorette Game
This fun game will get everyone laughing and involved at your next bachelorette party or bridal shower. Similar to Pictionary, clues are drawn on a piece of paper and the first to guess the final word wins a point. Contains 75 bachelorette themed “Picture It” cards, hourglass, pad of paper, pencil and official rule card.
how_well_do_you_know_the_bride_game How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette or Bride?
For 2 to 12 players(if more than 12 players, you can split into teams of 2 or 3)...a hilarious trivia game that will have everyone laughing! Test your knowledge of her relationship history, family, favorite things and even her sex life.
would_you_ever_game Did You Ever? Would You Ever? Game
The ultimate party confessions game with 40 Did You Ever cards, 40 Would You Ever cards and game spinner. Get all the juicy dirt on your friends and partygoers as they reveal their naughty little secrets while playing this hilariously entertaining party game. From mild to outrageous, each question will provide amusing recreation for your next Girls Night Out, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower or Hen Party.
naughty_confessions_sticks Bride to Be Naughty Confessions Sticks
This revealing game of shocking secrets could not be easier to play and works for small or large groups alike! Display the Confession Sticks in the center of a table or in a bowl. Take turns asking questions, and any player who confesses yes, does so by taking a drink. Reusable and simple in design, this game makes a great addition to any Bachelorette party!
Bachelorette_ive_never_card_game I've Never Bachelorette Cards
Discover your friend's most humorously embarrassing secrets by answering scandalous questions and sipping your favorite beverages along the way! Players take turns answering questions confessing hilarious truths like: I've Never had a one night stand? I've Never cheated on my boyfriend? I've Never had sex on the beach?
pin_the_macho Pin the Macho on the Man
Recommended for bachelorette's a twist on the ol' party favorite. Pin the cartoon penises on the picture of the hunky guy.
bachelorette_caution_tape Bachelorette's Out of Control Caution Tape
This 20-foot long banner looks like police crime scene tape, but says, "Bachelorette's Outta Control- Caution"
pecker_inspector Pecker Inspector Badge
Pin this metal badge on and let people know you’re an “official” Pecker Inspector for the “Dept. of Erections.”

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