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silk_chainlink_cuffs SUTRA Chainlink Cuffs
Balance the feelings of surrender and control with these sexy chainlink silk cuffs. Made from 100% pure silk and luxuriously soft suede, the cuffs feel exquisite on the naked skin, adding a new sense of style to your bedroom play. Combining LELO’s signature jacquard pattern with soft silk ribbons and stylish metal chain(nickel-free metal), these beautiful accessories give complete peace of mind when exploring the ultimate fantasies. Beautifully packaged in a gorgeous gift/storage box.
SUTRA -Purple $85.00
lelo_silk_ties BOA Pleasure Ties
Turn your surroundings into the most sensual backdrop for pleasure. With pouches of pearls at one end balancing stylish metal rings(nickel-free) at the other, LELO’s beautifully long silk restraints offer an innovative approach to sensual teasing. Looping the ties through the rings, a partner can be comfortably held by either ankles or wrists in the ways that excite them most. The pearls serve another purpose as well: when draped over a door that is then closed behind, they are large enough to stop the ties from being pulled through, ensuring the most passionate possibilities in bedroom play. Beautifully packaged in a gorgeous gift/storage box.
BOA -Black $75.00
BOA -Purple $75.00
BOA -Red $75.00
silk_cuffs ETHEREA Silk Cuffs
Restrict everything but pleasure with two delicately woven silk restraints. These silk cuffs can be tied around both ankles and wrists, combining 100% pure silk with the softest suede. Elegantly designed with LELO’s signature jacquard pattern and ample silk ribbons, there is no better way for couples to explore those higher planes of experience and pleasure. Beautifully packaged in a gorgeous gift/storage box. Measures 8.5 inches long.
ETHEREA -Black $59.00
ETHEREA -Purple $59.00
ETHEREA -Red $59.00
sensua_suede_whip SENSUA Suede Whip
For those wanting to explore a more daring approach, these luxurious whips by LELO bring seductive, non-threatening playfulness to your bedroom adventures. Made of supple suede, ideal for applying soft or firm touch to surprise or seduce your partner. Elegant and sophisticated, SENSUA can be used by novices and the more experienced alike.
SENSUA-Black $54.99
SENSUA-Purple $54.99
shhh_blindfold Shhh Blindfold Mask
The perfect accessory to build anticipation and heighten the senses. This 77-inch silk blindfold is designed to contour the shape of the face for a sensual snug fit. Adorned with an erotic message, “Shhhh…”on one side and “Oooooh!” on the other. Beautifully packaged.
underbed_restraints Underbed Restraints
Includes 4 adjustable cuffs (fits 4 inch to 12 inch wrists), 4 bondage restraint straps secured to one connector strap that fits securely under your mattress. Bondage restraint strap quickly fits beneath any mattress with no hooks and adjusts to the size you desire. Easy setup on any mattress. Portable and great for a surprise getaway. Includes: 4 Wrist/Ankle cuffs, 4 -60 inch restraint straps, 1-60 inch connector strap. Made of polypropylene webbing, plastic hardware, nickel free metal hardware Velboa fabric and Velcro.
lambskin_collar Leather Collar
This sleek, fashionable supple lambskin collar will take you from your structured daytime routine to provocative naughty nighttime play. Wear it with a sexy white collared shirt…then later with no shirt at all…Collar measures 15" with 11" tie that snaps down the center (non adjustable).
lash_belt Incoqnito Lash Belt
This elegant belt has a secret....a dual identity. Stylish fashion accessory "by day" with an adjustable sterling silver plated handle compromised of two pieces, magnetically connected along a vertical split, for simple wear and removal. "By night" remove the belt and bring your lover to the edge of pleasure and pain. Fits waists 28 - 52 inches.
whip_necklace Magnifique Gold Chain Whip Necklace
Both fashionable and functional, this will be the best-kept secret. Nickel-free.
incoqnito_necktie Incoqnito Necktie
This unassuming necktie is structured enough for prim and proper daytime wear, but provocative for naughty nighttime play. This 24 in. collar is designed to offer a discreet, yet very effective means of discipline for the wearer. Slide the adjustable silver metal piece for a snug fit and flip the inner folds of the tie outward for use as a comfortable leash. Fabric: polyester and rayon blend.
leather_nipple_tassels Incoqnito Leather Nipple Tassels
Sexy and beautiful, these tassels are designed to be worn around an erect nipple (and created to accommodate a smaller nipple but fits all sizes). These tassels can be tightened by a sliding crimp, creating a delightful pinching sensation. Made if genuine leather. Measures 2 inches.
nipple_clamps Nipple Tweezer Clamps
Perfect for those who enjoy pinching or teasing nipples, these pink fully adjustable tweezer nipple clamps, provide just the right tension. Rubber tipped ends help hold the 2 3/4" clamps in place, while a sliding ring adjusts the tightness of the clamp to the proper tension. The 12" long connecting chain is heavy enough to add some additional stimulation.
rope_cuffs Silky Soft Double Rope Wrist Cuffs
Silky Soft Double Rope Wrist Cuffs are fully adjustable and made of the highest quality soft rope available. Will not chafe or damage delicate skin. Measures 18-inches long, 8 Plait Braid, adjustable fit.
sports_cuff Sports Cuffs
These durable cuffs are strong, soft and versatile....with velcro and neoprene, they are flexible and adjustable for larger wrists and even ankles. You can also separate them for more creative positions.
furry_cuffs Furry Cuffs
Metal cuffs with a soft fuzzy sleeve to protect your lover ...they have a safety release as well as keys
Furry Cuffs Black $12.99
Furry Cuffs Red $12.99
satin_mask Sex Kitten Mask
Black satin mask for bedroom fun or use as a sleep mask.
tickle_me_tickler Tickle Me Tickler
Let a tickle run through your whole body. Play with your lover and stimulate every inch of their body with this delicate tickler. The soft feathers will take you to a world of unique sensations. Measures approx 4 inches (ideal for romantic getaways)
mini_pinwheel Sensations Mini Pinwheel
Add some erotic teasing to bedroom delights by lightly rolling this mini pinwheel over the skin, feeling the tiny teeth poke and tickle the skin for a totally unique sensation. Measures 3-inches
leather_fasinistas_whip Fashionistas Whip
This couture inspired accessory boasts elegant features like black glass handle with elegant filigree accents, each piece is the embodiment of the Fashionista approach to life and love where fashion meets fetish and orgasmic bliss is just a sting away! Length: 22 inches
flamboyant_pasties Bijoux Indiscrets Flamboyant Pasties
Flamboyant pasties by Bijoux Indiscrets are absolutely gorgeous with detailed crystal designs. Not only will you feel sexy, you will look sexy with this body jewelry set. This 3-piece set is easy to apply, self-adhesive and reusable. Set includes 2 breast pasties and a bikini area pasty.
mimi_pasties Mimi Rhinestone Pasties
Super sexy and fun, these reusable rhinestone pasties will dress up any occasion. Wear as is, under a sheer top or with your favorite lingerie. 1 pair per package.
Mimi-Black $11.99
Mimi-Clear $11.99
Mimi-Gold $11.99
Mimi-Pink $11.99
Mimi-Purple $11.99
Mimi-Red $11.99
mimi_pearl_pasties MiMi Pearl Pasties
These ultra-glamorous limited edition Pearl Pasties will make you feel super sexy. Also, makes a perfect bridal/bachelorette gift. One pair per package, they can be reused with a non-toxic body glue.
fun_factory_cuffies Love Yourself Cuffies
These super sexy, soft silicone white and black bracelets by Fun Factory can be worn to adorn the wrist but double as comfortable handcuffs. Beautiful cufflinks will keep your Cuffie in place. Want to “bond” with your lover for some amorous play? Just use the carabineer chain included. Includes 2 bracelets, 2 cuff links and carabineer chain.
candy_handcuffs Candy Cuffs
Have fun “restraining” your lover with these colorful and tasty candy handcuffs.

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