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pleasure_plus_condoms ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms
This condom features a roomy pouch with fine internal ribs. During intercourse, the pouch moves back and forth, gently stimulating both partners...This is a customer favorite and one of our top selling condoms.
Pleasure Plus -12 pack (hand packed) $9.99
Pleasure Plus -12 pack $14.99
Pleasure Plus - 3 pack $5.99
tantric_pleasures_condoms ONE Tattoo Touch Condoms
Tattoo Touch's exotic textures-Maori, Titan and Tribal- were influenced by popular body art designs and alternative philosophies, appealing to those who want a healthy and fun way to express themselves. Lightly ribbed with exotic textures, and featuring an easy-roll shape. Unique shape was designed to include a little extra room at the tip and base for increased comfort and a secure fit in the center.
Tattoo Touch- 12 pack $13.99
kimono_maxx_large_flare Kimono Maxx Large Flare
Maxx Large Flare condoms are designed for sheer sensation. The generous flare shape gives extra room where it counts most. They are significantly thinner than the competition, offering maximum transparency, sensitivity and feeling. Vegan friendly. Exceeds US & International standards for strength and reliability. Tested 5 times!
Maxx 3 pack $3.99
Maxx 12 pack $12.99
Maxx 12 pack(hand packed) $9.99
kimono_ribs_dots Kimono MicroThin Ribs & Dots Condoms
These premium quality, thin condoms are textured with dots and ribs, as well as, are contoured for heightened stimulation. Vegan friendly.
Textured 12 pack (hand packed) $9.99
Textured Condoms 12 pack $12.99
rfsu_birdsandbees Birds and Bees Condoms 10 pack
Imported from Sweden, these contoured condoms are thin, strong, bright green and have ribs and bumps for extra stimulation. Low latex scent. A customer favorite! VEGAN CERTIFIED in the US.
rfsu_profil Profil Condoms
Imported from Sweden, these condoms are made of thin, strong latex with a perfectly fitted tip. A customer favorite! Low latex scent. VEGAN CERTIFIED in the US.
Profil- 10 pack $14.99
rfsu_okeido Okeido Condoms 10 pack
Imported from Sweden, these thin condoms are longer and wider for a roomier fit. Low latex scent. VEGAN CERTIFIED in the US.
rfsu_mamba Mamba Condoms 10 pack
These thin, strong, contoured condoms from Sweden are slightly smaller for a snugger fit. Low latex scent. VEGAN CERTIFIED in the US.
one_zero_condoms ONE Zero Condoms 12pk
Zero condoms are 25% thinner than standard condoms. Designed with extra room at the base and tip for added comfort, and a secure fit in the middle. Premium latex, low scent, and lubricated.
ecstasy_ribbed_trojan Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy 10 pack
Okay so you’ve all seen the commercial but let us add some product details…tapered at the base for a secure fit, deep ribs at the base and end to increase stimulation, roomier fit at the tip for comfort, and lubricated inside and out for a more natural feel.
trojan_her_pleasure_ecstasy Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy 10 pack
These condoms feature a new design for comfort, fit and pleasure. Tapered at the base for a secure fit, while the strategically placed ribs are designed for her pleasure.
trojan_magnum_ecstasy_condoms Trojan Magnum Ecstasy 10 pack
These larger-sized condoms are similarly sized to Trojan’s Magnums but with a revolutionary new design. An extra-roomy tip to allows freedom of movement for a more natural feeling experience. With a textured/ribbed base for extra stimulation, and tapered for a more secure fit, they will feel like “you’re not wearing a condom at all.”
condom_cube_pink Condom Storage Cube Pink Satin
This elegant and discreet pink satin cube with heart-stitched design, holds a dozen condoms and has a magnetic closure for easy bedside access. Measures 2¾” x 2¾” x 2¾”
condom_cases French Envelope Condom Carrier
This sleek and supple leather condom cozy securely holds 2 condoms-great for your purse, briefcase or backpack.
French Envelope Purple $13.99

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