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sex_positions_deck Sex Deck- Playful Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life
This fun deck of cards by Emily Dubberley and Dr. Dawn Harper offers over 50 ways for you to spice up your sex play. Pull a card at random and try the position now, or slip a card into your loverís briefcase, coat pocket or purse for a preview of the fun to come! Each position card details how to achieve the position, why it is good for men, why it is good for women, variations, cautions and an effort rating system of 1 dot(easy) through 5 dots(difficult).
fantasy_sex_deck Fantasy Sex Deck
The 50 erotic role-plays in this deck are an ideal way for couples to bring their wildest fantasies to life(from some light tie and tickle play, to wild romps or sex toy fun). Playfully illustrated, with color-coded cards geared toward "for him" fantasies, "for her" fantasies, and "couples" fantasies, each card features an entire sexy scenario to act out, as well as a mind-blowing sex tip designed to ignite passions and inspire countless hours of heavy breathing.
spice_it_up_game Spice It Up!
This game is a great way to reward a lover or to simply express feeling more sexually adventurous, playful and spontaneous. Players either take turns exchanging scenarios or they can surprise each other by placing one (or more) of the scenario cards in the provided envelopes to be hidden. This set includes 125 sexy scenarios to keep any sexy life from becoming too routine including six "What is we...?" scenarios. Includes: 119 Sexy Scenario cards, 6 Create your own scenarios, 25 Invitation style envelops
kiss_me_notes Kiss Me Notes
Lights, camera, and plenty of action...24 famous movie kisses to reenact with a sweetheart! The perfect gift for a loved-one, given all at once or shared as single surprises. Decorated with shimmery glitter and made from sturdy thick paper, these adorable notes can be sealed with the included "kiss" stickers for a lovingly intimate message. Includes: 24 foldable notes, 24 kiss stickers.
love_notes Love Notes
24 notes for redeemable romance! Little love notes to share with a sweetheart...the perfect gift, given all at once or shared as single surprises! Gorgeously designed and made from sturdy thick paper, these notes can be sealed with the included "heart" stickers for a lovingly intimate message. "I love spending time with you. Pick a place we've never been before and let's go explore it together, just us two.
sex_card_games Sex! Wildly Romantic Card Game For 2
"3 ways to play/100,000 ways to win. Each card explicitly illustrates either a foreplay activity or a sexual position. You and your lover use the cards to plan out one of the 100,000 possible fantasies, and then act it out. Select from our 3 different deck of cards: heterosexual, gay or lesbian"
Sex! Card Game -Heterosexual Deck $6.99
Sex! Card Game -Gay Deck $6.99
Sex! Card Game -Lesbian Deck $6.99
cosmo_steamy_game_new Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games
Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games includes twelve, sizzling, couples-only bedroom games in a handy bedside box. 118 erotic cards and game titles like Finish The Fantasy, Titillating Trivia and Dirty Truth or Dare are sure to spice up anyone's love life.
dirty_dice Dirty Dice
Let the good times roll. Keep these dice with you at all times since you never know when someone might want to "roll with you". One die tells you what to do, the other where on the body to do it.
glow_in_the_dark_dice Glow In The Dark Erotic Dice
For the ultimate foreplay...just roll the dice, follow the sensual commands and your evening(or morning!) will be filled with ecstasy.
I_dare_you_cards I Dare You Cards 30 Sealed Seductions
30 Secret Seductive prompts and dares for couples to inspire passionate and lustful encounters. Just tear open an envelope to find out what sizzling surprise awaits you and your partner. The sensual suggestions makes this ideal for couples of any orientation, and the beautiful decorative box makes it a great gift that's both sweet and sexy.

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