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penis_cake_pan Pecker Cake Pan
Use this 12" x 6" metal pan to make creative penis-shaped cakes for any occasion.
pecker_cupcake_pan Pecker Cupcake Pan
This metal pan makes 6 4"x2" penis cupcakes. A must for any party!
silicone_penis_mold Silicone Penis Mold
Hosting a large bachelorette or girl’s night? This impressive silicone mold is ideal for making cakes(oven-safe), gelatin or ice(freezer-safe). Super-easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. Measures of 11 x 7.5 inches.
bridal_cupcake_set Bridal Cupcake Set
This charming decorating set is certain to make your bridal shower or bachelorette party treats a hit. Includes 24 cupcake wrappers, 24 toppers, 4 different designs
penis_cookie_cutter Sugar Cookie and Gelatin Cutter
This 5" long metal cookie cutter is penis shaped and is great for sugar cookies, Jell-O shots, or even funny finger sandwiches! Includes a recipe booklet with party ideas...great for bachelorette parties!
penis_picks Penis Picks
Poke some naughtiness and fun into any party! 8 Penis-shaped honeycomb tissue paper decorations in assorted pink and purple, attached to a wooden skewer pick.
penis_pasta Penis Pasta
Incredibly popular, this pasta is sure to make your next meal or party one to remember. Some pasta recipe included (250g / 8.8oz)
candy_willies Candy Willies
These willie-shaped hard candies make a fun and delicious gift. Sure to add some fun to any candy bowl. Assorted flavors in each box. 6.17oz
penis_candy Super Fun Penis Candy
Colorful and fun penis-shaped candy that comes with 5 tart fruit flavors. Enjoy anytime or great for bachelorette parties (100 candy penises/bag)
pecker_candy_sprinkles Pecker Candy Sprinkles
These fun penis-shaped sprinkles can add a whole lot of fun to cupcakes, cake or ice cream.
boobie_candies Succulent Fruity Boobs
Saucy boob shaped hard candies in a fancy metal tin. Candies are individually wrapped. Lemon, strawberry and lime flavored. 3.18oz tin.
penis_sucker Penis Sucker
Great for any occasion. Penis-shaped candy lollipops.
Penis Sucker Cheeky Cherry $1.99
Penis Sucker Sexy Strawberry $1.99
Penis Sucker Wet Watermelon $1.99
penis_icetray Pecker Ice Trays
These trays will definitely liven up any party. Makes ice cubes or Jell-O Jigglers.
Mini Penis Ice Tray $3.99
Small Pecker Ice Tray $3.99
Deluxe Peter Ice Tray $4.99
small_pecker_tray Mini Pecker Party Trays 3 pack
These fun, 8-inch pecker-shaped party trays will liven up your next party or get together. Great for condiments, munchies, candy and much more!
pecker_party_tray Pecker Party Tray
This 14 inch long tray is divided into three sections for all your party snacks. Great for bachelorette parties, girl's night or for any memorable get together.
penis_straws Penis Straws 8 pack
Plastic straws with removable rubber penis tips. Guaranteed to liven up any party or girls'night out.
glow_in_the_dark_penis_straws Glow in the Dark Dicky Sipping Straws 10 pack
10 glow in the dark penis shaped straws....see how bright they are under a black light! Great for bachelorette parties or just goin' out on the town.
cocktail_stirrers Naughty Cocktail Stirrers
Stir your cocktail at your next bachelorette party or girls night out with these decorative penis topped stirrers. Each package contains sixteen stirrers in four different colors.
penis_balloons Naughty Balloons Penis Shaped
These 22" firm penis balloons are the perfect decoration for any Bachelorette or Over The Hill Birthday party.
naughty_penis_confetti Naughty Confetti Penis Shaped
This penis-shaped metallic confetti will add sparkle to any occasion! Each bag contains 4 colors(pink, red, blue, purple)
penis_candles Pecker Party Candles
6 cake candles shaped like peckers...approx. 1 1/2 inches high.
napkin_trivia_game Bachelorette Napkin Trivia Game
Before you wipe your face with these napkins, try to answer the questions printed inside to see how well you really know the Bride and Groom-To-Be. The winner gets to do the first shot of the evening with the party girl!
f_bomb_plates F-Bomb Party Plates
Cute? …Without question! …Naughty? Can I get a F*CK YA! These fun plates are perfect for any occasion, they will have your guests giggling out loud! Pair with the F-Bomb napkins for extra fun! 8 7-inch plates
f_bomb_napkins F-Bomb Napkins
Juvenile? …Definitely!...Cute? …Without question! These fun napkins are covered with the ultimate dirty word, reminiscent of you high school doodling days. Perfect for any occasion, they will have your guests giggling out loud. Pair with the F-Bomb plates for extra fun! 8 2-ply napkins
naughty_party_plates Naughty Stick Figure Plates
The naughty little stick figures that cover these plates may look cute, but don’t let that fool you. They could be the naughtiest stick figures ever drawn, performing all sorts of crazy acts including riding cowgirl, solos, threesomes, moresomes, gay and lesbian fun and much more. Pair with stick figure napkins for extra fun!

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