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the_v_book The V Book
This book will cover just about everything a woman needs to know about the basics of vulvovaginal "V" health. You'll find in-depth anatomy pictures and descriptions, how the vulva and vagina may change over a woman's lifetime, ways to keep the vulva and vagina healthy and in balance, what to do when problems occur, and a resource section. Dr. Elizabeth Stewart presents the information in a comprehensive easy-to-read format. Softcover, 455 pp.
womens_guide_to_pelvic_health A Woman's Guide to Pelvic Health
A urologist and a physical therapist offer expert and reassuring advice to women. For example, one of every four women suffers from urinary incontinence, the involuntary leakage of urine. Elizabeth E. Houser and Stephanie Riley Hahn want these women to know that they do not have to cope in silence with this embarrassing problem, limit their lifestyle, or spend thousands of dollars on adult diapers. Symptoms involving the pelvic floor, including urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and decreased sexual sensation, can occur at any age. A wide range of treatments, such as targeted exercises, nutrition, and acupuncture, as well as medications and surgical approaches, can bring relief. This informative book encourages women to address their pelvic floor issues and reclaim their lives. 224pp, softcover
the_art_of_control The Art Of Control: A Woman's Guide To Bladder Care
Leslie Parker, MPT, CDT is a remarkable woman who has a passion to help other women to be in charge of their own bodies. Too many women suffer from incontinence in silence and needlessly...until now. The information Leslie provides to describe “female plumbing” allows us to better understand why and how these “plumbing failures” occur. The Art of Control is an easy-to-follow program making the necessary changes for improvement achievable, embarrassment-free and without surgical or pharmaceutical interventions. Leslie is right by your side page after page to encourage, guide, educate and giggle…"without the dribble" by books end! Highly recommended read for all women of all ages! Softcover, 107pp. FREE CS Boutique 25pp scratchpad included.
womans_guide_to_urinary_incontinence A Woman's Guide to Urinary Incontinence
Urinary incontinence can have a severe negative impact on one's quality of life, and successful treatment, while possible, is complex. Cowritten by a gynecologist and a urologist who have helped thousands of frustrated women, this new guide gives patients the information they need to understand their condition and make the right treatment decisions. Learn how nerves, muscles, and other anatomical factors work in concert to control the bladder and how they can be affected by pregnancy, menopause, and aging. Learn the common and uncommon causes of urinary incontinence, how the condition is evaluated and diagnosed, and how it can be treated, and what to do if a particular treatment fails. The knowledge provided here gives the woman with urinary incontinence the power to choose treatments that meet her specific needs and preferences. Authors: Rene Genadry, M.D., and Jacek L. Mostwin, M.D., D.Phil. 200pp, softcover
afterglow_single_wipes AfterGlow- Single Wipe
Our favorite cleansing wipe is available in singles!! AfterGlow is the most convenient, guess proof and effective way to clean your personal massagers and pleasure accessories. AfterGlow is pH balanced and gentle enough to clean and refresh sensitive skin. So before or after sexual activity, clean your toys, yourself or your partner. This awesome lint-free disposable cloth is scented with bergamot essential oils which serve as a natural deodorant. Contains no parabens, alcohol, perfume, glycerin or dyes.

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