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Tantus_acute_dildo Tantus Acute
The Acute is designed to work with the anatomy, perfectly angled for penetration especially when used with a harness. It's shorter length and distinct curve aims perfectly towards the female G-spot or male P-spot. Suited for beginners or more experienced alike. Made of premium hypoallergenic silicone. Measures 1.25 inches x 6 inches long.
Tantus_curve_dildo Tantus Curve
The Tantus Curve features a wider base for those seeking a little more fullness. Its subtle angle is ideal for female or male g-spot stimulation. Made of premium hypoallergenic, flexible silicone, easy to clean and maintain. Harness compatible. Measures 1 3/8 inches x 6 inches long.
tantus_silk_small Tantus Silk Small
Silk Small is a good choice for those looking for a simple, small sized and non-textured toy. The smooth design makes the Silk Small an ideal dilator for those needing help with vaginal tightness and penetration difficulties. Made of premium hypoallergenic silicone. Measures Length: 4.5 x 0.75 inches.
tantus_silk_medium Tantus Silk Medium
Silk Medium is a good choice for those looking for a simple, moderately sized and non-textured toy. The smooth design makes the Silk an ideal dilator for those needing help with vaginal tightness and penetration difficulties. Made of premium hypoallergenic silicone. Measures 1.1 inches x 5.25 inches long.
tantus_leisure_vibe Tantus Leisure with Bullet Vibrator
The Leisure's design is so simple, yet effective. The narrow tip makes for easy entry, and its long, smooth length lends gentle fullness. Leisure is also a good choice for beginner strap-on wearers; it's length and bendable nature gives more room for adjustment as users get accustomed to being in the �diver's seat.� With the included bullet vibrator inserted in the base, it carries the vibration both to the receiver and to the wearer (as the harness becomes essentially vibrating panties). Made of premium hypoallergenic, flexible silicone. Measures 1.25 inches x 7 inches long.
bend_over_beginner_kit Bend Over Beginner Kit
This great value kit includes 2 smooth, 100% ultra-premium silicone Tantus Silk non-vibrating massagers (7/8 x 4-1/2 inch and 1-1/4 x 5-1/2 inch), so you can pace your exploration with comfort and safety. The purple velvet harness is comfortable, adjustable (fits up to 60" hips), and machine washable. This kit also includes an O-ring that can be changed for play with larger toys, as well as, a built-in pocket that fits a bullet vibrator (included). The pocket holds the vibrator in place and allows access to the controls throughout your experience.
nobessence_seduction Nobessence Seduction
The wood sculpture is carefully hand selected, skillfully carved, and encapsulated with multiple layers of a bio-compatible finish called Lubrosity(hypoallergenic material, non-toxic, smooth, durable and easy to clean). Not only eco-friendly and beautifully crafted, the bulbed end is perfectly designed for solo g/p-spot play or hold the bulb as the handle and enjoy the sensations of fullness the smooth end provides. Compatible with all personal lubricants. Purpleheart wood. Dimensions: 9 long, 1 wide bulb and 1 7/8 at the widest point on the smooth end.
crystal_wand Crystal Wand
The Crystal Wand is simple in appearance but intelligently designed by a Tantrica who specializes in Tantra and G-Spot work. The S shaped design gives you the needed leverage to easily find and reach the G-spot or P-spot effortlessly, with a partner or on your own. Lucite is very firm with low friction, hypoallergenic, warms quickly and can be used with any lubricant of choice. Lucite can be scratched easily so some care is required. Includes a velvet storage bag and instruction booklet. Measures 10 inches x 7/8 inch diameter.
crystal_wand_deluxe Crystal Wand Deluxe
The S shaped design gives you the needed leverage to easily find and reach the G-spot or P-spot effortlessly, and the the "honey-dipper" end will help create amazingly intense sensations. Lucite is very firm, hypoallergenic, responds to temperature and can be used with any lubricant of choice. Lucite can be scratched easily so some care is required. Includes a velvet storage bag and instruction booklet. Measures 10 inches x 1/2 inch diameter.
b_balls_fun_factory B-Balls (Booty Balls) by Fun Factory
These innovative balls are a cross between a booty toy and a weighted pelvic floor exerciser. The each ball contains a light, inner rotating weight that moves when you do, which creates pleasurable internal waves and massage sensations. This unisex toy can be worn for prolonged periods of time, can be worn during lovemaking, or used in combination with a vibrator. Made from medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone. Measures 4.96-inches total length and weighs 87g.
B-Balls Black $39.99
B-Balls Purple $39.99
funfactory_bootie Fun Factory Bootie
Its small non-intimidating size, the perfect balance of firmness and flexibility, along with its distinct design, makes Bootie the perfect plug for beginners and the more experienced alike. Made of 100% velvety soft, hypoallergenic, easy-to-clean medical-grade silicone. Measures 3-inches. Manufacturer instruction booklet and FREE trial size of lubricant included.
Bootie- Black $34.99
Bootie- Purple $34.99
fun_factory_felix Fun Factory Flexi Felix Anal Beads
These cute, flexible, high quality beads are made of hypoallergenic silicone which is easy to clean and use. The graduated beads stimulate when gently inserted and when pulled out. Can be used anally or vaginally. Great for beginners or the more experienced.
Flexi Felix-Black $34.99
Flexi Felix-Pink $34.99
male_sexuality_book The New Male Sexuality, Revised Edition
Clear, comprehensive, witty, and refreshingly realistic. This landmark resource contains information and solutions about men, sex and pleasure. Bernie Zilbergeld Ph.D. draws upon years of experience as a sex therapist to address the most urgent questions men have, separating hype from reality, and showing how real sex can be better than fantasies. Topics include: what women really want, how to increase desire and arousal for both you and your partner, pharmaceuticals, and so much more! Softcover, 415pp.
longer_and_stronger_dvd Live Better Love Better:10 Ways to Go Stronger & Longer
Reinvigorate your libido with this male-focused program. Loving couples explicitly demonstrate intoxicating pleasures including fellatio and cunnilingus techniques, invigorating positions, penis pump use and benefits, the truth about supplements and much more. Designed for men, and created by leading sex educators, therapists and physicians, this DVD is designed to refuel erotic desire, empower you with techniques to satisfy your partner, and provide methods to improve overall sexual health and wellbeing. Discover how making love doesnt have to be routine, and how sexual performance is a matter of a healthy mind, body, and desire. 60 minutes & extras
stronger_erections A Man's Guide to Stronger Erections
Learn the causes of erectile difficulty and explore the latest diagnostic procedures as presented by healthcare professionals. In just 60 minutes, you will see explicit demonstrations of treatment options that help restore your sexual pleasure: sex therapy, oral medications, vacuum pumps, injection therapy, surgical implants, and much more.
prostate_cancer_man_you_love Prostate Cancer and the Man You Love
This book speaks to the loving partners/spouses of men with prostate cancer, whether soon after diagnosis, or later when the man gets on with the rest of his life. Anne Katz includes both the medical information necessary to understanding the disease and firsthand accounts from cancer patients and survivors and their partners. Tips for communication and problem solving, with both partners and health care teams, are offered throughout. Anyone dealing with prostate cancer will find in these pages comfort and insight, as well as specific advice for coping, healing, and moving forward in the spirit of healing and love. Softcover, 214pp
coping_ed Coping with Erectile Dysfunction
ED is often a complex condition affected by physical, psychological, and relationship issuesand is shared by both a man and his partner. This book will address this common problem using a comprehensive biological, psychological, and social approach. It offers an effective program for regaining erectile function, building strong and intimate relationships, and having great sex. With this book: Learn to separate the facts from the myths, which medicines and medical treatments really work, and how to integrate them into your sexual relationship, avoid future sexual problems with an individualized relapse prevention plan and so much more is discussed. Softcover, 184pp
impoaid_system Impo-Aid System
These rings can be used to maintain or create a more rigid erection. According to the manufacturer, the ImpoAid Ring Kit is perfect for those with a mild case of impotence or desire to enhance sexual performance. The ImpoAid Comfort Rings easily slide over the penis for a comfortable fit. System comes with four graduated double handle comfort rings, applicator cone and sleeve, water-based lubricant sample and detailed instructions.
laid_stretchy_ring LAID P.3 Silicone Stretchy Penis Ring
This ring is worn at the base of the penis (or both penis and testicles.) It contributes to a fuller erection and may delay orgasm by slowing the flow of blood from the penis. Its shape allows for variations in use and added sensation. The silicone is very elastic, which with its incredibly smooth and velvety surface makes it very easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Beautifully packaged and includes detailed instructions for use, waterbased lubricant and 1-year manufacturer warranty.
P.3 Stretchy Ring-Blue $31.00
tantus_soft_c_ring Tantus Super Soft Penis Ring
Wearing a penis ring can create larger, harder erections, and intensify the sensation of a male's orgasm. This stretchy, premium silicone ring can be worn at the base of the penis or around both the penis and testicles for the most intense effect. For best results, apply lubricant to the inside of the ring. Unstretched diameter: 1.5 in. and stretched diameter: 4.75in. (Purple or black ring will ship. Please allow us to choose)
elastomer_penis_ring Elastomer Relaxed Fit Penis Ring
This stretchy, highly flexible donut-shaped ring is perfect for beginners or those looking for a less constrictive feel. Elastomer is durable as well as, latex and phthalate-free, and is compatible with all personal lubricants.
cock_ring Elastomer Stretch-To-Fit Penis Ring
Made from skin-safe elastomer, this stretch-to-fit penis ring has 2 nubs on each side to make it easier to slip on and remove. Assorted colors available, please let us choose.
dual_enhancer_penis_ring Crazy Eight Dual Support Penis Ring
Stretchy dual support enhancer for extended pleasure. Durable and comfortable. Made of TPR phthalate-free plastic.
beaded_prolong_ring Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring
Stretchy penis ring with pearl beads inside for stimulation and enhancing erection.
island_rings Island Rings 3 pack
These stretchy rings are 3 different sizes to provide various levels of constriction.

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