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afterglow_wipes SHE AfterGlow Cleaning Tissues
SHE AFTERCARE STEP 1: These convenient wipes can be used to clean and refresh yourself, as well as intimacy products before and after use. The special formula contains skin conditioners, and has medical grade antiseptic & disinfectant properties. These soft durable tissues are naturally scented as well as are alcohol and lint free! No rinsing or towel drying necessary. Ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. A staff and customer favorite!!! 20 pre-moistened tissues (7.9in x 5.9in)
SHE_AfterIt_Cleanser SHE AfterIt Natural Cleansing Foam
SHE AFTERCARE STEP 2: A soothing, fortifying and moisturizing pH-balanced 60% organic gentle foam cleanser for women. Skin and delicate tissues can be adversely affected by intimacy, medication, sports, or life changes. AfterIt helps rebound from these stresses, soothes intimate areas and restores an optimal pH of 4. Incorporate AfterIt into your bathing routine –before and/or after intimacy(especially if irritation or discomfort is experienced from such activities). 6 fl oz
SHE_AfterShave SHE AfterShave After Grooming Therapy
SHE AFTERCARE STEP 3: A light oil mist to nourish and pamper the skin after hair removal. Skin is adversely affected by shaving, lasers, waxing and harsh cream depilatories. AfterShave soothes irritation, removes wax residue, exfoliates to reduce ingrown hair and bumps, and smooths the skin. Incorporate AfterShave into a daily bathing routine or hair removal ritual. 4 fl. oz.
SHE_aftertrace SHE AfterTrace Natural Scent Neutralizer
SHE AFTERCARE STEP 4: A calming pH-balanced spray of naturally derived 7 botanicals to neutralize and suppress unwelcome intimate odor. Our body scent can be adversely affected by sex, foods, sports, environment and age. AfterTrace will boost self-certainty by safely stripping away odor, not masking it. After bathing with AfterIt, spritz with AfterTrace for a superior feeling of fresh. Spray self or partner before/after sex or anytime to inhibit odors and amplify self-assurance. 90% organic formula with no harsh chemicals. 4 fl. oz.
afterglow_single_wipes AfterGlow- Single Wipe
Our favorite cleansing wipe is available in singles!! AfterGlow is the most convenient, guess proof and effective way to clean your personal massagers and pleasure accessories. AfterGlow is pH balanced and gentle enough to clean and refresh sensitive skin. So before or after sexual activity, clean your toys, yourself or your partner. This awesome lint-free disposable cloth is scented with bergamot essential oils which serve as a natural deodorant. Contains no parabens, alcohol, perfume, glycerin or dyes.

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