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dona_flavored_massage_candle DONA Kissable Massage Candle
Ignite a delicious playful mood, then drizzle the delectable melted wax and let go under your lover’s kiss.
Chocolate Mousse Candle $14.99
Strawberry Soufflé Candle $14.99
Vanilla Buttercream Candle $14.99
intimate_earth_oil Intimate Earth Massage Oil 4oz
These massage oils contain certified organic extracts which are carefully blended and lightly scented. Simply warm the oil in your palms before applying with fingertips in long, firm strokes. Relaxation Oil helps to unwind, free your mind and reduce tension. Energizing Massage Oil helps to lift your spirits, relax your muscles and renew your vigor. Sensual Massage Oil helps to create an intimate setting and free inhibitions for both partners
Energizing Oil -Orange & Wild Ginger $14.99
Relaxing Oil -Lemongrass & Coconut $14.99
Honey Almond $14.99
dona_flavored_massage_oil DONA Kissable Massage Oil
Transform your lover into a sensual dessert with this delicious kissable flavored massage oil. Tempt your taste buds as you kiss away the tension and savor the flavor. Aphrodisiac and pheromone infused, non-sticky, non-greasy formula.
Chocolate Mousse Oil $9.99
Strawberry Soufflé Oil $9.99
Vanilla Buttercream Oil $9.99
kamasutra_massage_oil Kama Sutra Massage Oil
These light, non-greasy oils are drenched with naturally pampering essential oils, skin soothing emollients and nourishing Vitamin E… NOT FOR USE WITH CONDOMS (8.0oz)
Oil-Harmony Blend $18.99
Oil-Pleasure Garden $18.99
Oil-Serenity $18.99
Oil-Soaring Spirit $18.99
Oil-Sweet Almond $18.99
hemp_earthly_body_oil Earthly Body Massage Oil
These 100% natural blend of skin oils (including hemp, almond, grapeseed, apricot and vitamin E) provide a slick, professional glide. The oils absorb into the skin for deep conditioning and moisturizing with no greasy residue(8oz)
Lavender Oil-Wild Lavender $17.99
Naked in the Woods Oil-White Tea/Ginger $17.99
Unscented $17.99
earthly_body_edible_massage_oil Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil
Looking for a kissable massage oil that tastes great, smells amazing, is long lasting and moisturizing, and isn’t full of chemicals? This massage oil by Earthly Body has a simple ingredient list: almond, apricot, grapeseed, sesame seed and hemp oils; Vitamin E; Rosemary and natural fragrances(8oz)
Edible Oil French Vanilla $17.99
Edible Oil Strawberry $17.99
Edible Oil Watermelon $17.99
pure_instinct_candle Pure Instinct Massage Candle
This gender-friendly pheromone fragrance specifically formulated for romance. Scented with fragrant oils for their seductive qualities, and heavily laced with a strong concentration of high-quality pheromones. Blended to arouse and awaken sexual urges in yourself and those around you. This multi-purpose candle provides an aphrodisiac scent and is composed of coconut and apricot kernel oil to nourish skin and function as a massage oil. 23-hour burn time.
system_jo_massage_glide System JO Massage Glide
System Jo’s unique formula provides a silky, smooth massage-it doesn't clog your pores and never feels oily, tacky or greasy. Long lasting and latex-safe, with Vitamin E added. Note: this product feels like an oil but is not oil-based and can be used as a personal lubricant.
System Jo Glide-Lavender $19.99
System Jo Glide-Unscented $19.99
system_jo_warming_glide System JO Warming Massage Glide
Finally! A warming massage product that doesn’t get sticky! This peppermint scented product provides a silky-smooth massage without feeling greasy, oily or sticky. Long-lasting and latex safe to allow you to massage all body parts(4.5oz)
kama_sutra_sensations_balm Kama Sutra Sensations Pleasure Balm
Pleasure Balm is a specially formulated sensations gel that you can apply to any part of the body for a tingling and refreshing sensation. Apply a small amount to any and all of your desired pleasure points, such as the breasts, lips, thighs, etc.... Enjoy the sensation and delight in this lickable treat. Use more as desired.(for external use only) 1.7oz
Balm Creme de Menthe $13.99
Balm Lime Mojito $13.99
dona_body_topping DONA Kissable Body Topping
Delight and tease your lover with Dona Kissable Body Topping. Tempt your appetite for each other with a playful drizzling of sweet, tantalizing tastes and let your passion be inspired. Includes: spoon and blindfold.
Topping-Honeysuckle $9.99
Topping-Lollipop $9.99
Topping-Maple Sugar $9.99
erotic_massage_deck Erotic Massage Deck
Combining ancient Eastern wisdom with modern know-how, this easy-to-use, sexy massage instruction deck is the ultimate bedside companion. Ideal for the novice or the expert, these 50 sensual techniques can be explored one at a time or combined for an evening of intimate passion.
euphoria_massage_music Euphoria Music CD
This CD is the perfect background music for massage or passionate moments of physical connection. Inspired by the elements of air, earth, fire and water and the harmonics that center the spirit, settle the mind, and soothe and comfort the body. Run Time: 63 minutes
tickle_me_tickler Tickle Me Tickler
Let a tickle run through your whole body. Play with your lover and stimulate every inch of their body with this delicate tickler. The soft feathers will take you to a world of unique sensations. Measures approx 4 inches (ideal for romantic getaways)
erotic_massage_book Erotic Massage Book
This is a great massage instructional book by Kenneth Ray Stubb, Ph.D., covers the most basic techniques to the most sensual and erotic touches...easy to follow step-by-step diagrams. soft cover, 112pp.
joy_of_erotic_massage_dvd Joy of Erotic Massage DVD
Erotic massage can arouse the senses and helps you to stay connected with your lover. This DVD features loving couples explicitly demonstrating not just basic techniques of erotic massage but advanced methods of stimulation that are arousing and satisfying. Detailed narration will guide you step by step, as well as providing helpful and fun tips as you explore your partner from head to toe. Hosted by Louise-Andree Saulnier, Ph.D. and TV Host. Approx. 60 minutes
erotic_massage_dvd_and_book Erotic Massage DVD & Book Set
This DVD features is divided into two volumes of instruction with 2 play modes(instructional or music only mode). Volume 1 covers head to toe detailed massage techniques. Volume 2 covers male and female genital massage. Techniques to relax your partner and awaken the tactile senses with feathers and other sensual tools are also detailed. Narrated by Dr. Ava Cadell, Clinical Sexologist, demonstrated and commentary audio track by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D., with additional consultation provided by Louise-Andree Saulnier, Ph.D. Approx. 60 minutes The Erotic Massage book is the perfect companion to the DVD. With over 100 illustrations and step-by-step instruction, this book can be used to follow the DVD or as a convenient resource. Softcover, 112pp

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