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Sweeten_D_Blow_Gel Sweeten D Blow Oral Gel 1.5oz
Sweeten up your next oral sex encounter with this flavored gel. Comes in a pink box that looks like everyone's favorite sugar substitute(hence the cute name)
Sweeten D Blow Strawberry Gel $8.99
Sweeten D Blow Vanilla Gel $8.99
Sweeten D Blow Watermelon Gel $8.99
Sweeten D Blow Raspberry Gel $8.99
goodhead_oral_gel Good Head Oral Gel
Use this very flavorful gel to enhance your oral pleasure. Free "History of the Blow Job" included (4.0 oz)
Good Head Cinnamon Gel $11.99
Good Head Mystical Mint Gel $11.99
Good Head Sweet Strawberry Gel $11.99
Good Head Wild Cherry Gel $11.99
kama_sutra_sensations_balm Kama Sutra Sensations Pleasure Balm
Pleasure Balm is a specially formulated sensations gel that you can apply to any part of the body for a tingling and refreshing sensation. Apply a small amount to any and all of your desired pleasure points, such as the breasts, lips, thighs, etc.... Enjoy the sensation and delight in this lickable treat. Use more as desired.(for external use only) 1.7oz
Balm Creme de Menthe $13.99
Balm Lime Mojito $13.99

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