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lelo_mia_lipstick_vibrator MIA 2
This discrete waterproof lipstick-style vibrator can be taken almost anywhere, and enjoyed at any time. MIA offers 6 stimulation modes (variable vibration and 5 pulsation modes). She is rechargeable via USB for added convenience. A 1-hour charge will provide upto 1.5 hours of pleasure. Improved motor provides an impressive strong powerful vibration. MIA's interface will lock for travel and she will retain a charge for 90 days when not in use. Includes: gift box, satin pouch for storage, user manual and a 1-year LELO warranty.
MIA- Black $79.00
MIA- Deep Rose $79.00
c1_by_laid C.1 by Laid
C.1 massager has a distinct rounded shape with varying surface areas and angles providing a multitude of ways in which to stimulate the clitoris and surrounding areas. The studded pattern at the top end amplifies the sensation of vibration and provides additional friction when moved from side to side. With 3 speeds and 2 pulsations, the C.1 is ideal for playful solo and partner exploration. USB rechargeable, waterproof and USB cord included.
C.1 -Magenta $99.00
gee_mini_massager GEE Compact Massager
This compact, silky smooth silicone massager offers 10 vibration and pulsation modes. Makes a delightful external massager but can also be used to explore G-zone stimulation. Waterproof. Requires 1-AAA battery(not included). Measures: Total length 5-inches. Assorted colors will ship. Please allow us to choose.
joy_stick Joystick
Joystick’s ergonomic handle makes it easy for women with wrist problems. Its angle also eases reach for those who struggle with straight shaped massagers. This powerful elastomer(latex-free)vibrator is perfect for simultaneous g-zone and clitoral stimulation. The rotating shaft is textured with raised “dots” and is shaped to directly stimulate the g-zone. The clitoral attachment also has raised dots and a flickering stimulator. Dual motors allow you to adjust speeds to each part individually. Requires 4 AAA batteries(not included).
ina_2_lelo INA 2
For the woman who wants it all- a sleek and stylish, waterproof, dual-action(rabbit-style) vibrator that reaches out to the most erogenous zones(G-spot and clitoris). INA by LELO offer 8 incredible variable stimulation programs created by 2 individual motors, and amongst them is a "circular mode," which creates a sensation of movement within, tantalizing her user before delivering the most prolonged feelings of satisfaction, time and time again. Made with FDA-approved and phthalate-free PC-ABS/ silicone, she delivers up to 4 hours of near-silent vibrations after just a 2-hour charge and has a 90-day standby mode. Speed and intensity are easily controllable via her intuitive interface dial, offering many varied stimulation possibilities. INA has a travel-lock feature to ensure discreet transportation. Measures 8 inches total length. Additionally, INA comes presented in an elegant gift box and luxury satin pouch for storage, charger, user manual, and a 1-year manufacturer warranty and FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING.
INA -Orange $189.00
lelo_mona MONA 2
MONA is an elegant, ergonomically designed, now waterproof vibrator that is designed for varied G-Spot or clitoral stimulation. MONA is ideal for individuals and couples wishing to take their sensuality that little bit further, while satisfying the desire for a more fulfilling experience within. MONA's ergonomic shape offers fuller sensations than you would expect from a vibrator of her size, while her six modes of stimulation(vibration and pulsation patterns) will intrigue and delight for as long as her user desires. A 2-hour charge will provide up to 4 hours of toe curling bliss, and has a 90-day standby mode. MONA has a travel-lock feature to ensure discreet transportation. Measures 8 inches total length. MONA comes presented in an elegant gift box and luxury satin pouch for storage, charger, user manual, and a 1-year manufacturer warranty and FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING.
MONA -Pink $169.00
MONA -Purple $169.00
MONA -Red $169.00
delight_funfactory Fun Factory Delight
Delight by Fun Factory is an innovative, beautifully crafted and award winning vibrator. Rechargeable using Click 'n Charge technology, powerful and super quiet, the "royal curve" handle requires just 2 fingers to hold onto and a thumb to adjust the variable vibration modes and 3 pulsation patterns. The slightly bent medical-grade silicone tip targets the G-zone, while the small "bump" provides simultaneous clitoral stimulation. Delight measures 5.9 inches (2.5 inches insertable) and provides up to 90 minutes of bliss(first time charge may require up to 12 hours). Includes: FREE PRIORITY shipping, 2-year manufacturer warranty and charger included.
Delight -Blackberry $109.00
meany_small_massager Fun Factory Meany
Don’t let the small size of this 4 ½ inch vibe fool you- its super powerful! With the touch of a finger you can change speeds for a variety of pulsating and vibrating sensations and it’s quiet too! Made from silky-soft, realistic-feeling silicone, it’s hypoallergenic, waterproof and easy to keep clean. Rippled, textured and a curved tip to help “tickle” your most sensitive places. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
Meany Mini -Black $54.99
Meany Mini -Plum $54.99
magnum_smooth Fun Factory Magnum
Magnum is flexible but firm, with a flared clover-shaped base that acts as a suction cup on smooth flat surfaces. Made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone. Harness-compatible and measures 7.5 inches.
Magnum Smooth- Black $59.99
Magnum Smooth- Blackberry $59.99
mr_pink_karim_rashid MR. PINK -by Karim Rashid
Mr. Pink was designed by world-renowned New York Designer Karim Rashid. Made from medical-grade, silky smooth silicone with a transparent outter coat and a hot pink silicone core. Mr. Pink offers 3 waves for varied sensations and pleasure. Chose to insert just the first bulge for g-spot stimulation or all three waves for deeper sensations. Combine with your favorite clitoral vibrator for intense pleasure. Total length measures 8in.
funfactory_share Share
Share the pleasure with this non-vibrating strap-on alternative. Insert the specifically designed shorter end into the vagina, work your Kegel muscles and receive direct G-spot stimulation, while the perfectly angled longer end penetrates your partner. Can be used with or without a harness. Made of flexible, smooth, medical-grade silicone. Measures 7” long, 1 ¾” wide (long end); 4” long, 1 ¾” wide (short end). Includes FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING and 2 Free trial sizes of Toy Fluid Personal Water based Lubricant.
Share-Purple $109.00
share_vibe ShareVibe
This vibrating strapless toy for couples houses a removable rechargeable bullet stronger than any vibration unit typically used in couple's toys. Partners will love the 2 vibration rhythms and 3 intensities. The mid-section is designed to offer some flexibility, which allows couples to enjoy all their favorite positions.Medical-grade silicone. Waterproof. Includes: charger, FREE Priority Shipping and 2-year manufacturer warranty.
ShareVibe- Pink $129.00
ShareVibe- Purple $129.00
new_wave New Wave
New Wave was designed with female couples in mind. The W-shape makes this New Wave flexible and particularly suitable for two people sitting across from each other. The "middle wave" was created for clitoral stimulation, while the ends, shaped in two different ways, offer a choice of sensations from ribbed pleasure to a feeling of fullness. The ribbed end of the toy is 1.4in thick and the smooth end has a girth of 1.7in. Total length measures 13.8 inches. Hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone allows for easy clean up.
New Wave-Black $89.99
New Wave-Pink $89.99
sonic_dildo SONIC
Designed for women, Sonic gives pleasure for two, or can be used for solo play. The ergonomic shape and slender middle design offers many possibilities. Both ends are intensely textured to provide extra sensations of friction. The smaller end is 1.4in thick and the wider end has a girth of 1.8in. Total length measures 15.7inches. Hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone allows for easy clean up.
SONIC-Grape $89.99
SONIC-Orange $89.99
ELLA is a beautifully designed silicone, non-vibrating pleasure object. One end is designed to stimulate the G-spot while the other can be used for conventional stimulation. Combine ELLA with Lelo’s Nea, Lily, Yva or MIA for even more intense sensations. Seen In March 2009 Women's Health Magazine. Presented in an elegant gift box, with a user manual, satin pouch for storage and a 1-year warranty. Measures 7.5 inches.
ELLA- Black $44.00
ELLA- Deep Rose $44.00
ELLA- White $44.00
glass_g_spotter Pink G-Spot Glass Wand
This versatile glass G-spotter provides the firm consistent pressure required for effective G-zone or prostate stimulation. Use the other end for a different sensation all together. For added sensation, dip in warm or cool water for some sensual temperature play. This Pyrex-like glass is boilable, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Includes pink satin storage pouch. Measures 9in x 1.25in.
Dilator_kit Deluxe Silicone Dilator Kit
This deluxe kit includes 5 graduated sizes for natural and effective transition and progression. Made from easy-to-clean medical grade hypo-allergenic silicone. Each dilator is designed with a tapered tip for ease of insertion and a large base for added control and leverage. A user guide and waterbased lubricant samples included Sizes: Dilator 1 (0.5" x 2.5"), Dilator 2 (0.75" x 3"), Dilator 3 (0.875" x 3.5"), Dilator 4 (1" x 4.25"), Dilator 5 (1.33" x 5"). Please consult your healthcare provider for proper therapeutic use.
Tantus_curve_dildo Tantus Curve
The Tantus Curve features a wider base for those seeking a little more fullness. Its subtle angle is ideal for female or male g-spot stimulation. Made of premium hypoallergenic, flexible silicone, easy to clean and maintain. Harness compatible. Measures 1 3/8 inches x 6 inches long.
tantus_leisure_vibe Tantus Leisure with Bullet Vibrator
The Leisure's design is so simple, yet effective. The narrow tip makes for easy entry, and its long, smooth length lends gentle fullness. Leisure is also a good choice for beginner strap-on wearers; it's length and bendable nature gives more room for adjustment as users get accustomed to being in the �diver's seat.� With the included bullet vibrator inserted in the base, it carries the vibration both to the receiver and to the wearer (as the harness becomes essentially vibrating panties). Made of premium hypoallergenic, flexible silicone. Measures 1.25 inches x 7 inches long.
Tantus_acute_dildo Tantus Acute
The Acute is designed to work with the anatomy, perfectly angled for penetration especially when used with a harness. It's shorter length and distinct curve aims perfectly towards the female G-spot or male P-spot. Suited for beginners or more experienced alike. Made of premium hypoallergenic silicone. Measures 1.25 inches x 6 inches long.
tantus_silk_small Tantus Silk Small
Silk Small is a good choice for those looking for a simple, small sized and non-textured toy. The smooth design makes the Silk Small an ideal dilator for those needing help with vaginal tightness and penetration difficulties. Made of premium hypoallergenic silicone. Measures Length: 4.5 x 0.75 inches.
tantus_silk_medium Tantus Silk Medium
Silk Medium is a good choice for those looking for a simple, moderately sized and non-textured toy. The smooth design makes the Silk an ideal dilator for those needing help with vaginal tightness and penetration difficulties. Made of premium hypoallergenic silicone. Measures 1.1 inches x 5.25 inches long.
bend_over_beginner_kit Bend Over Beginner Kit
This great value kit includes 2 smooth, 100% ultra-premium silicone Tantus Silk non-vibrating massagers (7/8 x 4-1/2 inch and 1-1/4 x 5-1/2 inch), so you can pace your exploration with comfort and safety. The purple velvet harness is comfortable, adjustable (fits up to 60" hips), and machine washable. This kit also includes an O-ring that can be changed for play with larger toys, as well as, a built-in pocket that fits a bullet vibrator (included). The pocket holds the vibrator in place and allows access to the controls throughout your experience.
flame_kit Flame Harness Kit
This kit contains a 6-inch, silicone dildo by Tantus with a textured tip and a purple velvet harness. The harness is machine washable, and fits hips up to 60" with straps that are adjustable for optimum comfort. The harness has a pocket that holds a little bullet vibrator (included), makes the harness feel like vibrating panties to the wearer, and carries down the dense silicone to the receiver. This kit will stand up to use and will grow with you; just switch out the included O-ring out for one of another size and it will accommodate different diameter toys.
rodeoH_harness RodeoH Harness Grey & Black
Super sexy, stylish and comfortable, RodeoHs are the new way to strap-on. Slip on like a pair of underwear and wear all day. No time is wasted buckling and fastening with RodeoHs. Experience a closer connection between you and your partner with just a soft, thin layer between you. Optimal toy dimensions to be 5-6 inches in length by 1 1/2 to 2 inches in width. Requires a snug fit for proper functioning; if between sizes, order one size down (measure hip size not waist). Materials: 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Proper care required for maximum longevity: machine or hand wash and lay flat or hang to dry. Do not boil. Do not eat. Please RodeoH responsibly!
RH 25-26 inch hip grey/blk $45.00
RH 27-29 inch hip grey/blk $45.00
RH 30-32 inch hip grey/blk $45.00
RH 33-35 inch hip grey/blk $45.00
RH 36-38 inch hip grey/blk $45.00

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